Prepared for
Michigan Recycling Partnership

The Michigan Recycling Partnership (MRP) enlisted PSC to update the 2006 PSC report, Expanding Recycling in Michigan, which provided information on Michigan’s municipal solid waste (MSW) recycling performance and model state recycling programs, and quantified the economic benefits of increased recycling.

Specifically, PSC…

  • added a summary of the 2007 Michigan Solid Waste Policy;
  • added 2006 data on percentage of municipal waste recycled, combusted, landfilled);
  • recycling rates;
  • per capita recycling rates;
  • percentage of population served by curbside recycling programs;
  • additional model state program descriptions, and
  • a summary of a 2009 public opinion poll on satisfaction with available recycling opportunities and support for comprehensive statewide recycling.

At the MRP’s request, PSC also quantified the greenhouse gas emission reductions achieved by Michigan’s 20 percent recycling rate, as well as the emission reductions possible if Michigan’s recycling rate increased to the Great Lakes average of 31 percent. PSC also assisted in promoting the final report findings through press events and editorial board visits.

A copy of the full report is available below.