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Project Manager, Michigan Saves Job Posting

Female‐​​owned public policy and research firm finds ways for all voices to be heard (Detroit Free Press)

Enbridge Line 5 shutdown prompts Michigan debate over risks vs. economic harm (Bridge Magazine)

News conference explores COVID‐​​19 impact on health care disparities (WOOD‐​​TV 8)

Michigan poll: Coronavirus break hurts kids, but don’t order more school (Bridge Magazine)

Trump urges schools to reopen during coronavirus. Michigan parents say no. (Bridge Magazine)

First round of stimulus checks could hit checking accounts next week (The Morning Sun)

Our Service Continues

LEAP Announces 2020 Executive Leadership And New Board Members (Michigan Business Network)

When it comes to judging Whitmer’s performance as governor, 2020 will be key (Detroit Free Press)

Connect to KB with Public Sector Consultants (Spotlight Podcasts)

Congrats on budget, Michigan. It does little to fix state’s biggest problems. (Bridge Magazine)

Public Sector Consultants Receives Outstanding Small Business Award from Lansing Regional Chamber

Julie Metty Bennett: Time to deposit Michigan’s bottle bill in history’s recycling bin

PRESS RELEASE: Public Sector Consultants receives federal Women‐​​Owned Small Business certification

PRESS RELEASE: Public Sector Consultants’ Julie Metty Bennett and Rachel Kuntzsch named CEO and president

Foundations team up to provide support for local nonprofit services to immigrants, refugees (Crain’s Detroit Business)

MedHealth Summit Keynote: Rachel Kuntzsch

Morning View: Mackinac Uncensored (Michigan Radio)

Foundations help set agenda at Mackinac Policy Conference (Crain’s Detroit Business)

Basinwide Partnership Seeks to Advance New Era of Water Management (Great Lakes Connection Newsletter)

Tell us how YOU would fix Michigan’s roads (Bridge Magazine)

Leadership Transition at Public Sector Consultants

Williams selling stake in Public Sector Consultants to ‘fourth generation’ of owners (Crain’s Detroit Business)

How many students will third‐​​grade reading law hold back? No one’s sure yet. (Michigan Radio)

Report Shows Number of Child Care Providers Declining in Michigan (Michigan Department of Education)

The real state of Michigan education: Improving outcomes costs money (Bridge Michigan)

CEOs, Republicans add voices to Michigan’s child care ‘crisis’ (Bridge Michigan)

New Report Looks at Child Care Challenges and Opportunities in Northern Michigan (Networks Northwest)

AARP study: Michigan must close health care, internet access disparities among seniors (Crain’s Detroit Business)

Child care for this baby costs more than the University of Michigan (Bridge Magazine)

Business, government look for collaborative solutions to child care affordability, access (Crain’s Detroit Business)

MI Energy Office plans to improve energy programs for agricultural, rural communities (UPmatters​.com)

Public administration ethical issues discussed at Cooley (Detroit Legal News)

With the passing of Peter Pratt, the loss of a good and great man (Bridge Magazine)

Obituary for Peter P. Pratt

Join Michigan Saves at the Advancing Women in Energy 2017 Annual Meeting

PRESS RELEASE: Amanda Menzies and Selma Tucker promoted to vice president

PRESS RELEASE: PSC Welcomes New Vice Presidents Brian Boggs and Tim Dempsey

PRESS RELEASE: Fixing Michigan’s Road Mess Solutions Summit to be held in Lansing

PRESS RELEASE: PSC Strengthens Energy and Environment Practice with New Vice President Maggie Pallone

PRESS RELEASE: PSC Welcomes Scott Dzurka

PSC Mourns the Loss of Peter Pratt

Expert analysis on the Michigan Primary (WZZM 13)

Analysis of the Michigan primary (WZZM 13)

Verify: Is your vote more powerful in a primary election? (WZZM 13)

Niagara University early childhood development community programs cited for excellence (Niagara Frontier Publications)

SBAM pushes for continued statewide economic gardening initiatives (MiBiz)

MSU, URC Universities Develop Infrastructure Solutions (MSU Today)

Bringing the right information to Capitol Hill

Political roundup: State Senate quickly passes sexual assault bills, but will the House do the same? (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: Can a “Marshall Plan for Talent” work if children can’t read? (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: Will farmers soon be able to withdraw unlimited amounts of groundwater? (Michigan Radio)

State panel seeks to improve court funding system (The Daily Tribune)

Plan would move Medicaid long‐​​term care into managed care (Crain’s Detroit Business)

Political roundup: Lessons learned from privatizing prison food service (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: Tax cutters in legislature could disrupt Snyder’s last year (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: What does veto override mean for Lansing politics in 2018? (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: A tax fix, a tax cut and Michigan’s broken roads (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: How should Michigan remedy false unemployment fraud claims? (Michigan Radio)

1st Friday Focus On The Environment: Michigan Concerns And Priorities In 2018 (WEMU 89.1)

Without a legislative fix, new federal tax bill could mean paying higher state income taxes

Political roundup: MI could soon be only state to not mandate financial disclosures from lawmakers (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: State considers seizing control of local government pension funds (Michigan Radio)

Snyder has steadied state finances, yet that may not be enough (Bridge Magazine)

What Michigan businesses learned from the last recession (Bridge Magazine)

Is Michigan ready for the next recession? (Bridge Magazine)

Political roundup: Bill would scrap state ballast water rules, which help keep out invasive species (Michigan Radio)

Get rid of “Driver Responsibility Fee,” judges ask Gov. Snyder (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: How relevant is the elected Michigan Board of Education? (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: What’s the balance between attracting jobs and giving away too much to get them? (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: Legislators stripping control from local government (Michigan Radio)

A Message about Peter Pratt

Political roundup: Why do the powers of state commissions vary? (Michigan Radio)

4 plans considered to bring auto insurance rate relief to Michiganders (Battle Creek Enquirer)

Political roundup: Bipartisan panel criticizes new rules that codify unlimited “dark money” (Michigan Radio)

Public education in Michigan is in a free‐fall

Political roundup: With Flint legal bills at $15 million and rising, why isn’t there a cap?

Political roundup: Two years after road funding package, “I can’t imagine a worse possible outcome” (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: New report predicts $2 billion shortfall in Michigan’s general fund (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: Michigan loses out on Foxconn mega‐​​plant and prevailing wage under threat (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: State drops unemployment fraud charges; Snyder task force on retiree benefits (Michigan Radio)

Michigan’s Research Corridor Radio Episode 7: Jeff Guilfoyle (University Research Corridor)

Political Roundup: Republican holdouts on “Good Jobs” bill; issues at state child welfare agency (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: AG Schuette’s school mascot opinion, part‐​​time legislature petition restarts (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: End of teacher pensions and charges filed in Flint water debacle (Michigan Radio)

We’re Honored!

Political roundup: Foster kids “slipping through the cracks” and sanctuary city ban (Michigan Radio)

Doug Spade and Mike Clement: Officials bake up trouble if voters left out (The Daily Telegram)

Three Michigan universities question state funding as they top $1.2 billion in life sciences research (MLive)

A Republican governor. A Republican legislature. Each ignoring the other. (Bridge Magazine)

A Better Future Op‐​​Ed by Jack Lessenberry (Dome Magazine)

Political roundup: An ugly revenue projection, teacher pensions, and GOP reversal on regulations (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: Prison funding, and why paying for infrastructure “isn’t rocket science” (Michigan Radio)

Report touts benefits of union training vs. nonunion or college (The Building Tradesman Newspaper)

Ken Sikkema, Public Sector Consultants Senior Policy Fellow, and Jeff Guilfoyle. Public Sector Consultants Vice Presidents | Richard Piet Show (WJR 760 AM Radio)

John Banks And Ken Sikkema Discuss Skilled Trades Apprenticeships | Richard Piet Show (95.3 WBCK Radio)

Not ready for college? Michigan’s construction industry touts building trades (MLive)

Political roundup: Lawmakers send $100M to Flint, but lack legislation to avoid another crisis (Michigan Radio)

Municipalities’ fiscal outlook gloomy despite economy (The Detroit News)

Municipalities’ fiscal outlook is gloomy despite recovering economy (Crain’s Detroit Business)

Despite all the good news, Michigan still has a growth problem (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: Federal budget uncertainty hovers over potential state cuts (Michigan Radio)

Howes: Education decline imperils gains in Michigan

Howes: Mich. ‘comeback’ bounce ain’t what it used to be (The Detroit News)

Political roundup: Police body cams, private email accounts spark debates about transparency

Political roundup: Draft budget pulls from drinking water protections to make room for tax cuts (Michigan Radio)

Political roundup: Consequences unknown for hasty moves on income tax rollback and school closings (Michigan Radio)

No pending Oroville, but Michigan’s aging, crumbling dams pose a risk (Detroit Free Press)

1st Friday Focus On The Environment: Preparing For The Unknown In A New Administration (WEMU​.org)

The evolution of online learning in policy and the classroom (Model D)

Political pundits debrief after closest presidential race in Michigan history (Michigan Radio)

Managing the storm: Efforts encourage property owners to go green, not drain (Crain’s Detroit Business)

PSC Announces New Addition To The Family (Michigan Business Network)

Political roundup: State Capitol building in need of repair; public money for private schools (Michigan Radio)

Michigan can do a lot better for families that need child care, report says (Michigan Radio)

Gov. Rick Snyder makes appointment, reappointments to the Women’s Commission (michigan​.gov)

Universities Impacting Detroit (Michigan Business Network)

After Flint crisis, change the way we spend on infrastructure (Detroit Free Press)

Michigan’s record on infrastructure: Ignore everything (Bridge Magazine)

Panel suggests mix of wind, solar, gas power for BWL (Lansing State Journal)

Legislative panel takes a broader view of Flint water crisis (Michigan Radio)

Failing infrastructure threatens Michigan’s public health, safety and economy (Bridge Magazine)

Terrorism, refugees, and political rhetoric (Michigan Radio)

PRESS RELEASE: Michelle Richard Promoted to Vice President

PRESS RELEASE: Statewide Database, Census Info to Detail How State Actions Have Damaged Michigan Cities (mml​.org)

PRESS RELEASE: Kuntzsch Solutions Joins Forces with Public Sector Consultants

Thank You Ken Sikkema

Scary but inevitable: survey reveals thoughts on driverless cars (Great Lakes Echo)

Water quality, automated cars stir interest of Michigan voters (Capital News Service)

Water quality stirs interest of Michigan voters (Great Lakes Echo)

Michigan Radio/​​PSC poll on hot topics in 2015 (Michigan Radio)

What would a ban on straight‐​​ticket voting mean for voters? (Michigan Radio)

Beyond evaluation: How Michigan supports its teachers (Second Wave)

PRESS RELEASE: Split over guns and prison reform, voters unite over water quality

Snyder’s plan for Detroit Public Schools faces serious challenges (Michigan Radio)

Region 9 Prosperity Summit…setting the course for the future! (Bright Ideas)

Yes, Virginia, there is a road funding plan

In the Gears: PSC’s evaluation skills inform decision‐​​makers (Bright Ideas)

Voters, experts agree: It’s time for an independent redistricting commission (Bright Ideas)

Congratulations, Shanna!

PSC is 36!

Michigan researchers criticize ‘absurd’ out‐​​of‐​​state RPS study (Midwest Energy News)

Can Gov. Snyder’s plan for Detroit schools get past the politics? (Michigan Radio)

New Michigan roads plan strains budget, but ‘doable’ (The Detroit News)

What the rest of Michigan can learn from West Michigan’s Talent 2025 (Capital Gains)

Announcement from PSC: Ken Sikkema Appointed to Flint Water Task Force

Is the fallout from Flint’s water crisis just beginning? (Michigan Radio)

Will the Legislature finally take action on the roads? (Michigan Radio)

We are back up and running!

Septic tanks flush water quality down the tubes (Great Lakes Echo)

Attend the Career Navigation Solutions Summit

Unlike Courser, Gamrat, courts get 1st crack at 2 Dems (Detroit News)

Michigan Radio/​​PSC poll finds support for redistricting changes, and for recreational marijuana use (Michigan Radio)

PRESS RELEASE: Poll: Voters open to redistricting change

Job Posting: Editor

Why teacher diversity matters in Michigan

Will Wayne County consent agreement keep it out of emergency management, bankruptcy? (Michigan Radio)

More than half of Michigan voters don’t think returning vets get adequate services from the state

PRESS RELEASE: PSC research links focus on education to stronger workforce

What’s in the 2016 state budget and what’s next on the legislative agenda? (Michigan Radio)

Early Childhood Policy in Michigan (Capital Gains)

Phil Power: After preschool gains, Michigan should now turn to 0 – 3 child policies (MLive)

Lawmakers wrap up budget; what’s next? (Michigan Radio)

Job Posting: Consultant for Education and Public Finance

PRESS RELEASE: Poll: Moral duty to Detroit Schools, Financial Duty Less Clear

PRESS RELEASE: Voters Point to Complexity, Leadership Issues for Prop 1 Failure

What will Proposal 1 rejection mean for Republicans? (MichiganRadio​.com)

‘Detroit fatigue’ greets Snyder’s Detroit schools plan (detroitnews​.com)

What is Governor Snyder’s plan for Detroit schools? (MichiganRadio​.org)

Weekly Political Roundup: Gov. Snyder says he’ll veto RFRA. What happens now? (MichiganRadio​.com)

Ken Sikkema will be part of a discussion on the Healthy Michigan Plan

Thoughts on how to improve teacher evaluations in Michigan (MichiganRadio​.com)

Putting a value on young minds (Bridgemi​.com)

Poll: Natural resources are state’s best attributes but many residents favor cutting support (Great Lakes Echo)

Poll finds only 35% give Michigan schools an A or a B (MichiganRadio​.com)

PRESS RELEASE: Offshore Wind Turbines, Job Creation, Education In; Prisons Out

What the state should invest in according to Michigan residents (MichiganRadio​.com)

Michigan Radio/​​PSC poll finds voters want more state money spent on jobs and less on prisons (MichiganRadio​.com)

Michigan deficit likely to trigger cuts in services

Snyder faces tax fight with GOP peers in second term (Detroit News)

Michigan’s electric choice law ‘in the crosshairs’ in 2015 (Midwest Energy News)

Utilities’ report warns of energy shortage: Consumers, DTE urge building new power plants (Crain’s Detroit Business)

Jeff Williams on WKAR: Jobs, roads top concerns in post‐​​election poll

Julie Metty Bennett on the Ron Jolly Show (WTCM NewsTalk 580) discussing electricity reliability in Michigan

PRESS RELEASE: November PSC/​​Denno Research Poll Results

Julie Metty Bennett interviewed by WILNS 1320 AM regarding electric reliability in Michigan

PRESS RELEASE: PSC Report Highlights Challenges Facing Electric Reliability in Michigan

Julie Metty Bennett on Michigan Radio: Electric Reliability in Michigan

Michelle Richard on Michigan Radio: Future of standardized testing in Michigan

REPORT RELEASE: Policy Options to Support Children from Birth to Age Three

PRESS RELEASE: Political Community, Media, Citizens Anticipate Pundit Summit XII

26th Glenn Allen, Jr. Memorial Election Contest

PRESS RELEASE: Public Sector Consultants announces 2014 Glenn S. Allen, Jr. Memorial Election Contest

Register now for Pundit Summit XII

Susan J. Demas: Lengthening term limits could be on Republicans’ lame duck menu (Mlive​.com)

PRESS RELEASE: September 2014 Poll — We Are Young

More storms, larger outages challenge DTE, Consumers

PRESS RELEASE: July PSC/​​Denno Research Poll Results

How many Great Lakes have you dipped a toe in? (MLive​.com)

Are Michigan kids spending too many days in school? See how we compare (Mlive​.com)

PSC Expands Data Site on Nonprofits’ Economic Impact

Request for Proposals: Investment Management for Michigan Saves

Fighting back, Michigan nonprofits say they stabilized state economy during downturn (Mlive​.com)

PRESS RELEASE: Michigan’s Nonprofit Sector Responsible for 1 in 10 Jobs in State; Billions in Wages

Jeff Guilfoyle on State Side with Cynthia Canty (Michigan Radio)

That’s a Bright Idea

PRESS RELEASE: PSC Lands Diamond Award for Healthy Workplace Activities from Governor Rick Snyder

Out Of Clout: Some States Brace For Washington Power Outage (npr​.org)

PRESS RELEASE: Montana’s Experience Augments PSC Review of Electric Deregulation Results

PRESS RELEASE: Guilfoyle Brings Long Policy Experience, Analytic Skills to PSC

Podcast of Business Beat with Peter Pratt and Chris Holman (MichiganBusinessNetwork​.com)

Achievement analysis ranks Central Academy, Ann Arbor Public Schools among best in Michigan (MLive​.com)

PRESS RELEASE: Public Sector Consultants names ‘top prognosticator’ from 2013 Prophecy Contest

PRESS RELEASE: Public Sector Consultants Inc. Offers Expertise to Media for State of State

PSC congratulates Michigan on federal funds for early childhood investments

Jeff Williams presented keynote address at the 34th Annual Conference of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies

PRESS RELEASE: PSC’s analysis of three states identifies shortcomings of electric deregulation policies

We have moved!

The Common Core hearings have begun, but just what are these standards? (Michelle Richard on Michigan Radio)

Michigan program to help guide Energy Department efficiency effort (MidwestEnergyNews​.com)

PRESS RELEASE: PSC staffers selected by governor for leadership positions

Consolidation is a viable option for some Michigan school districts, but not all (MichiganRadio​.org)

PSC Welcomes Selma Tucker and Katie Van Dorn

Julie Metty Bennett on Business Beat with Chris Holman

Measuring how charter schools perform in Michigan (MichiganRadio​.org)

We’re Moving!

Michigan Saves makes going green easy and affordable (MLive​.com)

2012 Michigan Prophecy Contest Results Announced

What do you predict for Michigan in 2013? Prophecy contest turns focus to future of the state (MLive​.com, 1/​​1/​​13)

Window of opportunity: GOP strength, lame‐​​duck session seen as key (Craig Ruff in Crain’s Detroit Business)

Campaign contributions by PAC tied to Grand Valley State University down about 95 percent since 2004 (Ken Sikkema, MLive​.com)

Stateside: Education reforms aim to change schools’ formats (MichiganRadio​.com)

PRESS RELEASE: Julie Metty Bennett Joins Ownership Team at Public Sector Consultants

Stateside: Education Achievement Authority faces loss of Detroit Public Schools (Michelle Richard on Michigan Public Radio)

Obama victory means health care reform moves forward, execs say (Peter Pratt, CrainsDetroit​.com)

Michigan Unions Seek Constitutional Protection (Craig Ruff, PEWstates​.org)

Propsal 3: Ken Sikkema & Dianne Byrum Discuss Both Sides of the Issue (Michigan Matters, CBS TV62 Detroit)

Loss of a colleague…Gary Olson

After election scandal and close primary, Roy Schmidt’s re‐​​election chances in November debated (Craig Ruff quoted in MLive​.com)

For pro‐​​business candidates, today’s primary is ‘the race’ (Craig Ruff quoted in Crain’s Detroit Business)

A Health Impact Assessment of the Non‐​​Motorized Transportation Plan and Climate Sustainability Plan Recommendations (HealthImpactProject​.org)

Tony Conley’s Interview with Jeff Williams (1320 WILS)

What’s Next After the Supreme Court Ruling?

Colleges’ ROI more complicated than simple math (Jeff Williams in Bridge Magazine)

Michigan Business Beat Podcast with Peter Pratt

COLUMN: Don’t let personal property tax reform stymie Michigan’s wind industry

OPINION: Tax reform efforts in Lansing could hurt Michigan’s wind energy industry (AnnArbor​.com)

Cutting business equipment tax will mean cuts to local governments and higher real estate taxes (Ken Sikkema on Michigan Radio)

In college readiness, Michigan falls short (PSC and Bridge Magazine)

What’s next for Public Act 4? (Ken Sikkema on Michigan Radio)

Political Roundup: Republican agenda moving forward? (Michigan Radio with Ken Sikkema)

Mark Coscarelli speaks at the 2012 Saginaw Bay Watershed Conference

PSC adds new Governance and Regulation division

Weighing in on the primary (Michigan Radio with Ken Sikkema)

Julie Metty Bennett talks about the Michigan’s Metropolitan and Urban Strategy

Michigan Radio Interview with Michelle Herbon

2011 Michigan Prophecy Contest Results

2012 Michigan Prophecy Contest Begins

PRESS RELEASE: Longtime Senate Fiscal Agency director to join Public Sector Consultants

Letter to Clients and Friends

PRESS RELEASE: PSC Celebrates 30 Years

State Implementation of Health Reform: A Timeline


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