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Contact: Jeff Williams and Peter Pratt
Public Sector Consultants
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LANSING  ̶  Public Sector Consultants today announced that Julie Metty Bennett would join Jeff Williams, CEO, and Peter Pratt, President, as an owner of the firm. Julie, who will become Senior Vice President, has been with the firm for 12 years.

“We are thrilled to have Julie as a fellow owner of the firm,” said CEO Jeff Williams. “She has been essential to PSC’s success and will have an active voice in leading the firm.”

Julie came to Public Sector Consultants in 2000 as a senior consultant. She was named vice president in 2008. Julie will continue to co-lead the environment and energy division with Vice President Mark Coscarelli.

“Working at PSC has been very rewarding and I am eager to  take on a bigger role in the firm’s management. I hope that PSC can stretch into exciting new areas where independent, objective analysis will move public policy forward in our state,” said Julie.

Julie has led many major projects of the firm on a wide range of subjects, including energy, water quality, land use, solid waste management, community and economic development, and natural resource management. She serves as the executive director for Michigan Saves, a multi-million-dollar nonprofit organization managed by PSC that provides financing solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. She also serves as co-manager of the Great Lakes Fishery Trust, a multimillion-dollar private foundation managed by PSC that provides funding to enhance, protect, and rehabilitate Great Lakes fishery resources.

Julie is an experienced and skilled writer and facilitator with a strong reputation for excellence in Michigan policy circles. “This is well deserved,” said PSC President Peter Pratt. “Julie is highly respected for her expertise in the environment and energy arenas, and she’s a great manager who is committed to clients and colleagues alike.”

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