A lot can happen in 37 years — just ask anyone who has ever been part of the Public Sector Consultants (PSC) family. Since its inception in Jerry Faverman’s basement in September 1979, the firm has had seven owners, moved four times, employed as many as 50 full‐​timers at once and always maintained an impressive list of clients.

The way employees talk about the firm, though, hasn’t changed much. An early promotional piece describes PSC this way: “[We are] an independent, comprehensive consulting firm created to serve a wide variety of institutions and groups from the public and private sectors. [Our] clients are characterized by one common denominator — the value they place on continuing analysis, thoughtful exposition and appropriate resolution of problems of importance … The firm believes that [our] special skills can be of value to those institutions, agencies, organizations and associations whose work and interests affect the public good; hence, [our] name, Public Sector Consultants, Inc.”

Since PSC has always worked hard to understand the ever‐​changing milieu in which it operates, here are a few other interesting things that happened in PSC’s birth year.

psc birthday infographic copy