A highly analytical person focused on cutting through jargon and messy rhetoric, Eric is the archetype of a research consultant. Having spent several years in the culinary arts as the conduit between farmers and people’s plates, Eric found his second career in policy consulting for energy issues, marrying an inclination for data and precision to an affinity for natural resources.

Eric spends a lot of his time poring over amicus briefs, public acts, and regulatory documents on one of the most technical policy subjects out there: energy. After he’s researched his way to a thorough understanding, Eric turns his attention to crunching numbers, writing reports, and figuring out ways to communicate with multiple audiences. From facilitating community engagement for a municipal utility’s resource plan to developing policy recommendations for low-income energy assistance programs, Eric’s work helps reinforce and sustain the elements that he loves most about Michigan.

Prior to joining PSC, Eric worked for Consumers Energy in their State Governmental Affairs Office.

Email: epardini@publicsectorconsultants.com

A Little More…

Education: BS with honors in Environmental Economics and Policy from Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

With PSC since: September 2014

PSC superpower: Finding the sweet spot between being wonky and understandable

Favorite part of working at PSC: Feeling connected to the work, especially seeing firsthand impacts on the state

Why Michigan? Minimal exposure to natural disasters and poisonous animals